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Last day at SFSU – about emptyness, freedom, beer and Britney Spears

We had just finished our last final. We walked down the stairs and out in the San Francisco night. Like we always do after Hanami’s class. Now and then white and red lights flashed on 19th Avenue in front of us, when a car drove by. The shop, where you can buy coffee and bagels and salad and coffee without any caffeine and lots of other stuff, was closed. In the middle of a step up struck us. We kind of hesitated, looked at each other and said: “We are done”.

San Francisco State University on my last day of school.

San Francisco State University on my last day of school.

It was a strange feeling. We were done. Done. Done. No more crazy news about the state of the crazy world in Hanami’s class. No more running like a wild man across campus to get to class in time. No more printer problems. No more hanging out in the IEEC office. And no more burritos. No more of all that.

It was a mixed feeling. The last weeks have been prety tense. I have finished up a lot of big journalism projects, we have been writing papers and we have studied for the midterms. And now it was all done.

We walked to 19th Avenue. We talked about how it was like graduating from high school in Denmark. When you do that you are often met by family and friends in front of the class room, and they might have strawberries and Champaign. “Where is all the strawberries and Champagne,” we asked ourselves.

When the champagne is gone, we start drinking beers, when graduating from high school in Denmark. Then we drink beers for two weeks and feel like kings and queens of the world. Everything is possible. Life has no limits. And then sometime in the beginning of june, reality hits you.

This evening on 19th Avenue was extra weird, because it kind of marks the ending of my time as a student as well. I am going to graduate in the fall. And then … do I have to grow up?

We talked about that. And we agreed, that you don’t ever have to grow up. When you just know that, you do not need to worry anymore. You can relax.

I put in my earplugs. A remix of Britney Spears was on my iPhone.

“Is it grown up to hear Britney Spears?” I asked Christian.

I think we agreed that it wasn’t. Then I jumped on my bike and drove like crazy, heart beating and music pumping, down the hill.

This is the beginning of one month of holiday in San Francisco. That beer tonight is going to taste so good!


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4 replies

  1. And growing up is coming home Per. And the fact that Per is coming home and not having finished his studies yet gives m a lot of good ideas. When do you set foot on Danish grown? 🙂 Susanne


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