Per Skovkjær Sand

Journalist med speciale i fortællinger

Life like it once was

I wrote this post in November, but never got it posted, because I had no Internet connection. Since then I have moved to a wonderfull house where I live with five others. But here you have some thoughts and pictures from November 11 2011:

I read the book “The Invention of Everything Else” this summer. It is written by Samantha Hunt and is about Nikola Tesla. The man who invented alternating current, AC. (vekselstrøm). And he invented the radio as well. I have been thinking about this Serbian-American inventor. First a picture of the man:

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

I live in a garden house. These houses were made for the workers in Denmark, so they could grow their own vegetables. A great succes. My brother bought the house, and now I am living here for a period of time.

Here are some pictures from, the garden, the green house and inside the garden house:

Afternoon Fall 2011, the garden house.

Afternoon Fall 2011, the garden house.

The green house.

The green house at Fall.

Afternoon at fall in the garden house.

Afternoon at fall in the garden house.

Barrel for water gathering.

Barrel for water gathering.














The thing is, that there is no electricity. These lines by the way are written with a dooming number counting down to the moment when there is no more battery on my computer and acces to the internet is thereby gone.

It is dark, when I enter my home at night. Then i light the candle lights. I make fire. And I wait for it to heat up the hut. I felt really cold tonight, but as waves of heat floated from the stove I slowly relaxed. I finally found myself lying on the back on the floor listening to Eddie Vedders Ukulele Songs while pressing my double layered socks of whool against the transparent cover for the stove.

I have radio on batteries. And I have a cable that connects my computer to a little but very good speaker. So I can hear music. And stories. I heard a podcast about the moon the other day. The moon is full right now I think. It is so light outside. Last time the moon was full I came home late at night. In the middle of my garden there was a chair baded in blue moon light. I sat down their for a while just thinking of everything and nothing. Like looking in to the fire place.

I think of Nikola Tesla. Without his inventions, my computer would not work. These lines would not exist I guess – at least not on the Internet. And I would not be listening to the radio.

I would only have the fire. And moonlight. Life like it once was.


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